Since graduating college from the American Intercontinental University  in London in 1995 and gaining my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in both fashion design and marketing, I have worked as a fashion designer and illustrator in several cities around the world. Living in cities such as London, Beirut, New York and Los Angeles has exposed me to different cultures and lifestyles. This has helped to mold my artistic skills and allowed me to create my own  unique international perspective in fashion. 

Over the past 20 years I've worked as a designer and design room manager in several different markets including  juniorwear, women's tailoring, (contemporary, London Fashion Week participant)  high-end pret a porter and haute couture.   Since coming back to the United States and settling in the Lehigh Valley, I've been working as an independent designer under my own label.  As of April, 2019, I finally opened my own fashion  design studio and boutique called Lara Bly Designs.

To me, fashion and art are always intermixed. They are constantly merging and complementing one another. Because of this, I consider myself but the fashion designer and artist. My true passion is not only to design beautiful clothing but show my total vision through distinctive illustration. When I create my soul  purpose is to create modern, feminine clothes for women who want to look unique and not blend into the monotony of mainstream clothing. My clothing always maintains its individuality with whimsical color silhouettes. I pride myself on unique color combinations while using a spectrum of inspirational pallets. Most importantly, I want a woman to feel beautiful and special the moment she slips into one of my creations... never wanting to take it off.

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