Customer Reviews

"Lara Bly is a wonderful designer.  Her clothes flatter all women and her fabrics are amazing."

Judy Parr

"Lary Bly's designs are elegant yet edgy and made with great care and quality. I almost bought one of her garments made a few years ago simply because it was an abstract artwork!! Smart, sassy, and stylist, cannot recommend this designer highly enough!"

Christine Isabelle Oaklander, Ph.D.

Art Consultant/Independent Art Historian


"Local designer Lara Bly is one of my favorites! Unlike other designers the pieces can mix and match. The fabrics are always super soft and cozy but, elegant. Even the sequin skirt I bought was made so that it would not be itchy. The price of her items are very reasonable. It’s great if you want to make a statement and not look like anyone else in the room."

Kristina High

"I have known Lara for many years and she is an absolute joy to be around!

She is extremely creative and  works very hard to design clothes that will look amazing on everyone!  She searches out the best fabrics that are flattering and so comfortable to wear!  She has a great skill in making clothes that will take you from a lounge day at home to an elegant formal party… often with just a change of accessories.  You will find all of the elements you need to be stylish and comfortable at her lovely boutique. She will always greet you with a warm smile, professional guidance and amazing conversation.  It is always so much fun playing dress-up with Lara as she will having you laughing every step of the way!  I also love that if you can’t find what you are looking for in her boutique or web-site, she will happily design something personally for you!  Oh… her window designs are always something to see and add a touch of panache to our Bethlehem scenery!!!"

Lynn Noble


"The first time I was introduced to Lara, I complimented her top.  It was gorgeous. I wanted it!! Unique. Casual yet elegant. I had no idea it was one of her creations. I wasn't even aware she was a designer. Since then, my love for the beautiful things she makes has only has my collection. And now in the days of a pandemic, I wear one of her fabulous masks almost daily and am constantly stopped to find out where to get them. Her passion, creativity and joie de vivre are evident in every thing she does." 

Beth Larish


“I’ve known Lara Bly-Allaik for several years. Her designs are unique! I think of her work as Wearable Art!

Because they can be used for not only special occasions but daily use as well.  I feel elegant and comfortable with the pieces I have. 

It is a pleasure to shop at her boutique. She welcomes you openly and listens to your needs as a customer.  Lara Bly Designs are driven by her love for fashion art, quality and tailored to  please each of us that enter her shop! 

We are lucky to have such a talented designer in the Lehigh Valley.”

Ana Hamilton

"Lara Bly's shop is absolutely amazing! I have bought several things there which included a purse, jewelry, shirts and even mask! I know I can purchase a shirt and no one else will have it. Lara is hands on and always helps me find the best items for me." #suppportlocalshops

Christy Binstead


"The store front window lured me in. Glittered knee high pencil skirts, alluring tops. I said to myself, “This is a new look in Bethlehem”. I had to go in! I was warmly greeted by Lara, the owner!! She gave me space to browse the one of kind clothing she tailored! Sweet, accommodating and a relaxed atmosphere, I was glad I came in. If your looking for an outfit no one else has or have an outfit in mind Lara Bly is who you want to make it for you. It is a jewel of a store, like you would see on 5th Ave. New York without breaking the bank. A must."

Toni Fernandez

“Lara Bly designs is my go-to for when I need a unique and one-of-kind outfit. I know when I wear one of Lara’s designs I will get endless compliments, in addition to feeling confident... which is what it’s all about. Her designs fit my personality (fun, different, versatile) and I absolutely love the creative and handmade clothing and accessories. They are fabulous and fun! “ 

Lindsey Fly


"I have been to Lara Bly Designs many times and absolutely love her style and beautiful, colorful fabrics.   Lara takes great pride in all that she makes and you certainly can tell.  I own several pieces from her collection and always get rave reviews whenever I wear them.  No cookie cutter look here!  Exceptional workmanship and affordable as well.   Don’t miss out on this wonderful shopping experience."  

Anne Englesson

“In February of this year I ventured into Lara Bly Designs in search of finding something to wear for my son’s wedding in October. I immediately connected with Lara and knew she was the one to fulfill my demands. Not only did she listen to my requests, she also knew what would fit my body. She choose the most magnificent material for her creation.  Lara’s design was unique, glamorous, and totally one of a kind. Never thought I would ever have my own personal designer. And yes, I also purchased a casual skirt to be worn year round. 

Thank you Lara. I had so much fun with you too!”

Sally Crawford 

“Lara's clothes have traveled the world with me! Her unique, comfortable, and stunning designs make me feel instantly elevated whether I'm in a professional setting on an evening reception. They are absolutely perfect for any occasion and every woman should have their own collection of Lara Bly designs!”

Audrey Chase-Mayoral


“Lara is one of the most passionate and fierce women I know. She exudes beauty, confidence, and strength--all of which are reflected in her gorgeous designs.  Her one of a kind unique pieces make you feel glamorous, sexy, and feminine without having to sacrifice comfort.”

Erin Vural


“I love Lara Bly’s creative style and variations in fabrics and colors. The first time I saw her collection, I knew I would love being a customer. Lara possesses great wit and an uncanny ability to dress her customers according to their shape, lifestyle and occasion. I have received endless compliments wearing her clothes. I’ve worn Lara’s creations to the beach, to gallery events, to charity events and to my daughter’s wedding. Lara’s apparel is as beautiful as it is versatile. It packs super well. And her elegant tops, can be dressed down for a casual look over jeans.”

Tina Cantelmi

Artist, and former

W Fashion Editor