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Fashion Designer & Owner

Lara Bly

I am the designer, patternmaker, sample sewer, merchandiser, web designer.......etc. etc. etc.


Events Coordinator

Christe Konopitski

Christe plans and coordinates store events and promotions. She helps plan and execute Lara Bly Designs fashion shows and manages web design, social media, and marketing.


House Model

Reese Maddox

I love this chick!!!!  Reese is fierce, beautiful, sweet and a truly amazing model.  I literally won't do a show without her!


Event Volunteers

My "Ladies"

Lisa Jones, Carys & Audree Chase-Mayoral are my right hand ladies for my events.  Carys also comes in every Friday to assist me with just about everything!!!



Cindy Karchner

Cindy has been a friend and client for many years.  Finally, we collaborated on this website.  Her images are simply beautiful.